Immunity Optimizing Vitamin Kit

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Our Immunity Blend + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin C Gummies

We developed an all-in-one kit that gives you the essential ingredients to support a rock-solid immune response, all year round.†

Immunity Optimizing Vitamin Kit

Regular price $45.99
Sale price $45.99 Regular price $51.99

Meet Your New Wellness Routine

Our Immune-Optimizing Kit includes 3 Synergistic Products to Keep you #ShieldStrong

Immunity Blend Gummies

Support a fast and effective immune response with Elderberry, Echinacea, Propolis, Zinc, Vitamin C and D3.†

Vitamin D3 Gummies

Enhance bone strength, immunity, heart health, blood circulation, and more with this powerhouse vitamin.†

Vitamin C Gummies

Give your immune system a boost with potent antioxidant protection while promoting collagen production for healthy skin.†

Unlock sustainable energy & supercharge your wellbeing!

Dr. Geoffrey's Research Based Formula

Packed with a potent blend of Vitamin C, D and Zinc, as well as Elderberry and botanical extracts for an added immune boost, these little gummies have a lot of power.


This potent extract has been a traditional infection remedy for over a thousand years. Elderberry can help kick your immune system into gear to fight off an infection more quickly.†


Bees collect this sticky substance from trees and use it to reinforce their hives. Propolis supports a more efficient immune response, which can make infections rarer, milder, and more short-lived.†


This daisy-like flowering plant packs an immune-boosting punch!† It works by stimulating your immune response and slowing the infection’s spread while also reducing inflammation.†

Vitamin C

People who take vitamin C often get fewer colds—and get over them faster. This vitamin supports your immune system by helping immune cells do their jobs more effectively.†


This heavy-hitting mineral can reinforce your protective barriers against intruders to help you get sick less often.† When you do get sick, zinc can support symptom relief and speed up your recovery.†

Vitamin D

Low levels of this vitamin are associated with higher vulnerability to respiratory infections. Vitamin D can help white blood cells fight infections and speed up the healing process.†

More than vitamins, WE ARE A LIFESTYLE.

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#ShieldStrong Testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Great Vitamin Trio

I have received Shield's Vitamins as a free product from PINCHme for my honest review. The Shield's Vitamins Immune Optimizing Vitamin Kit is a great trio and convenient kit to strengthen your health. The gummies have a great texture and taste, easy to take and digest. It is an all year round product. You just take five gummies per day to keep your immune system on track.

Hello India,
Thank you so much for your valued feedback - it's much appreciated! We are so glad to read the gummies are of your satisfaction.

Customer (Chicago, US)
All 3 are so delicious…I love them!!!

After trying these gummies I officially never want to take another brand again! These literally tasted like candy and I’m so excited about it lol!

Hello valued customer,
Thank you so much for your 5 star review - it's highly appreciated! We are thrilled to learn how much you enjoyed the gummies.

Inna S. (Miami, US)
Decent kit for basic needs

I’ve got this product from PINCHme and Shield Vitamins in exchange for my honest review.
Overall it’s a nice kit for your everyday needs, but I have few comments. These gummies are different texture of what you expect from gummies. It’s not bad, but you need to be aware - especially the immunity blend one which is too soft. Also they say that serving size is 2 gummies, but if to look closer at the daily value % for ingredients, you need only one gummy a day, especially if you take all three of them together. Don’t forget that too much Vitamin C is not good also, and besides the gummies you easily get it from you regular food.

Hello Inna,
We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us a review. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Mar (Las Cruces, US)
Dislike ingredients

I wish I could say that I liked these supplements but I honestly feel like the ingredients are not good for my health. I believe less simple ingredients is better. I also don’t like that is has sugar and natural flavors. Now it’s a good option for those who want a good tasting vitamin, they definitely taste like sweet candy gummies!
Received this trio pack of vitamins free from PINCHme.

Hello Mar,
Thank you for sharing your feedback! It's important to prioritize products that align with your health preferences. The taste of these gummy vitamins seems to be a plus for those who enjoy vitamins that are enjoyable to eat AND nutritious. Our recent award suggests that we are on the right path. Also, keep in mind that we use the highest quality ingredients non-GMO, and many of our products are vegan. Everyone has different preferences, and it's great that you were able to try them out for free through PINCHme.

Dr. Geoffrey, MPH

Amy (Troy, US)
Vitamin trio.

I received this product from pinchme in exchange for my honest review. This trio is a great way to get all your essential vitamins your body needs. They have a great flavor and texture though my favorite is the orange. Thank you for this product. I look forward to continuing my vitamin journey!

Hello Amy,
Your 5-star review motivates us to keep pushing forward and sets the tone for excellence in all that we do. In our mission to keep you #ShieldStrong, we have made things even easier for your reorder by offering a subscription with automatic shipping. We are also glad to learn you'll be continuing with your vitamin journey!

C. (Muncie, US)
Immune Support I Enjoy Taking!!!

I received the Shield Vitamins Immune Support Vitamin Kit from PINCHme as a trial kit. I took these for the last 15 days and I can honestly say that I have already felt a real difference! I am usually plagued by allergy problems and summer colds at this time of year, yet while taking these, I have not had even the first symptom of a cold. They also made me more energetic and focused. I was in need of some Vitamin D any way, so they were especially useful. I will totally recommend these to all my family and friends, as well as purchase them for myself. The ease of taking these in yummy gummy form instead of pills to try and swallow was an added bonus. If you're in the fence about trying these for yourself, then don't wait any longer. Consider this the push to make up your mind and purchase your own!

Hello Lynn,
Your 5-star review motivates us to keep pushing forward and sets the tone for excellence in all that we do. We’re humbled by your support and look forward to being your preferred choice for your immunity vitamin support. In our mission to keep you #ShieldStrong, we have made things even easier for your reorder by offering a subscription with automatic shipping

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