Take Control of Your Health: 6 Vital Tests Every Man Should Get

Take Control of Your Health: 6 Vital Tests Every Man Should Get

by Shield Vitamins on Dec 09, 2023

Attention, gentlemen! Get ready to discover a topic that could be a game-changer for your overall health and lifespan.

It's time to let go of procrastination and the "I'll do it later" mindset. Now more than ever, it's crucial for men to take an active role in their health by scheduling regular checkups. Men often tend to overlook these routine visits, but they serve as a vital preventive measure.

Regular checkups allow early detection of potential health issues, even before symptoms arise. They provide an opportunity to assess risk factors for diseases and to track changes in your body over time. This is the moment to prioritize your well-being. Here are six tests that are absolutely essential for significantly reducing the risk of premature death. If this doesn't wake you up, nothing will!

The Top Two: Colonoscopy and PSA Test

First on the list is the Screening Colonoscopy. Before you get uneasy, let's clarify something—it's painless. This test is your first line of defense against colon cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in men.

Did you know that there are four stages of colon cancer? Detecting colon cancer in stages 1 and 2, when you don't have symptoms, gives you a 5-year survival rate of over 91% (American Cancer Society). But once you start experiencing symptoms, it's likely that you've reached stage 3 or 4. And the 5-year survival rate drops to less than 63%. So, how can you detect colon cancer in its early stages? Through a screening colonoscopy.

Next up, we have the PSA Blood Test and a Digital Rectal Exam. Yes, they may not sound pleasant, but they are crucial for detecting prostate cancer early on. Because of the introduction of PSA Blood Tests, only 9% of all new prostate cancer cases involve advanced disease compared to 32% before the introduction of PSA testing (Jain, et al.). That’s a whopping 72% reduction. Remember, we're talking about saving your life here, so a little discomfort is a small price to pay.

Key Metrics: Blood Pressure and Weight

Let's talk numbers. Checking your Blood Pressure is non-negotiable. Known as the "silent killer," high blood pressure is no joke. Having high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure. This test only takes a few minutes but can add years to your life.

While we're on the topic, step on the scale. Your weight isn't just about your appearance; it's a significant indicator of your overall health. Being overweight increases your risk for various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. In men 78% of primary hypertension can be attributed to obesity (Heart.org). So, it's time to get real about your weight.

Comprehensive Tests: Know Your Numbers

Completing our list are the CBC, CMP, Fasting Glucose, Hemoglobin A1C, and Fasting Cholesterol Profile tests. Don't let the acronyms scare you off; these tests provide a complete view of your internal health. From evaluating liver and kidney function to assessing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, knowing these numbers is like having a cheat sheet for a healthier, longer life.

It's Your Life, Take Charge

Repeat after us, "I am shield strong!" By taking the necessary tests to safeguard and protect your health, you are choosing to take control of your life. Getting these six tests done can significantly lower the likelihood of an early demise. These odds are not to be ignored! So, go ahead, schedule those appointments, and take action. Your future self will thank you. Don't simply live life—own it, and make it the longest and healthiest one possible. Take action today; time is ticking!

Of course, it's important to consult with your primary care doctor to determine the best timing for these tests.

Stay Shield Strong!

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